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What do our facemasks filter?

Our KN95 masks have been proven to have a >96% filtration of 0.3 micron airborne particles through rigorous independent lab testing. Our high filtration masks filter >96% of 0.1 micron airborne particles.

Here are some of our test results

What are the masks made of?

Our KN95 masks consist of 5 layers of polypropylene based, non-woven material. Our high filtration masks are 3 layers of polypropylene based, non-woven material. All of our masks have an inner hydrophilic layer to wick moisture from your face, a middle filter layer (2 filter layers in the KN95), and a hydrophobic outer layer (2 outer layers in the KN95) to repel moisture and debris.

Are these masks washable?

Our masks are not washable. Like all high filtration masks, washing them will destroy the filter. 

How long can they be worn?

Our masks can be worn for 72 hours of wear time. By wear time, we mean 72 hours of you actually breathing through the mask. If the mask gets damaged or wet, dispose of it and use a new one in case the filtration is altered.

Do you make kids sizes?

We make child sizes that will fit most kids ages 6-13. Please keep in mind that our masks may not fit all children due to the high variability in face size. Tying a knot in the ear loops can help to tighten the mask.

How do you put it on?

Try this: 

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